A Landscaping Design is a Good Investment for Backyard Landscaping

Many of us have tried to ‘design’ our backyards just to find out that landscape planning is much more involved then just deciding on which plants to purchase and where to plant them.  Landscape plans will overlap different disciplines from planting, irrigation, hardscape, pools, pool decks, landscape lighting, patio fireplaces, backyard fire pits, outdoor bbq, etc,  All of this may be too complex for somebody without professional training and experience needed to create a comprehensive landscaping design that shows how different disciplines overlap.

By hiring an experienced landscape designer, or even better landscape architect, you will get help you need to get your backyard landscaping done right the first time.  Landscape plans, sketches, photos of projects, etc will help you visualize what your backyard landscaping may look like before it is built so that you can react to it in time and make adjustments if needed.  A landscape designer will locate and size outdoor living spaces appropriately for their use.  They will help you evaluate different material alternatives and for instance explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of using acrylic or cool deck as opposed to landscape paver overlays.  He will select a correct tree or shrub based on its location in the yard to reduce the maintenance while providing visual interest with color or shape throughout the whole year.  He will explain to you the importance of landscape lighting, use of water elements, berming, boulders, etc in creating a ‘Garden Composition’ that will involve your sight, smell, and sound senses.

A landscaping design will usually be accompanied with an  itemized landscape cost estimate which will give you an idea how much your overall backyard landscaping may cost.  It will give you the correct sizes and quantities of materials to order which will avoid you making multiple trips to a supplier to either order more material or return some.  If you can afford the entire project right away, great.  If you can’t, having a landscaping design and a budget will help you create a phasing strategy which will be logical and will not cost you more in the long run.

In conclusion, if your goal is a beautiful outdoor living space, well developed, comprehensive landscape planning is a must and
definitively worth the investment.
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