Arizona Outdoor Kitchens

Arizona backyard kitchens continue to be a mainstay in landscape designs throughout the Phoenix area. Once only found in the most upscale backyards in Arizona, backyard kitchens are now considered an esstential element for anyone wanting to create a year round outdoor living space. Futhermore, a custom built
backyard kitchen will not only add beauty and functionality to your backyard
landscape but will also add value to your home. An Arizona backyard kitchen ranks among the highest priorities for resale homebuyers.

Dream Retreats AZ Outdoor Kitchen

Arizona Outdoor Kitchen by Dream Retreats

There are a number of options for construction materials and methods as well as equipment and accessories, so I have boiled it down to the best construction choices and most esstential elements when considering building a outdoor backyard kitchen.


First and foremost, I recommend having your outdoor kitchen custom
built, onsite, using masonry material and construction methods.  Although
there are a number of bbq stores out there offering pre- built bbq units
made from galvanized 2”x4”’s and pressboard nothing can match the quality and feel, not to mention the customization options possible with masonry
construction.  In addition the myth of portability of the pre built units (meaning you can take it with you if you move) is just that, a myth, unless you want to rent a crane!  There are endless options for finishing materials from natural stone veneer to granite tile countertops. Perhaps the best thing about a custom built masonry backyard kitchen is it will last a lifetime and cost no more than the prebuilt unit that can start falling apart after a few years of Arizona sun, heat and monsoons.

Arizona Backyard Kitchen by Dream Retreats

Arizona Backyard Kitchen by Dream Retreats

When it comes to equipment stainless steel is king in the Phoenix area. Two of the finest bbq units available in Arizona are the lines from Fire Magic and American Outdoor Grill. They are 100{31a7a4e5ed917670140b93e86ee58daf50b2a2441395eb46bcede2124d214415} made in America, come with great warranties and have local service people if anything goes wrong (although I haven’t had one bad unit or any complaints  in the past 12 years) Beyond the bbq the options are endless from side burners to bartending units you can customize your Arizona backyard kitchen to meet your lifestyle and budget.


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