Using Outdoor Kitchens Are A Great Way To Enjoy The Beautiful Thanksgiving Weather

With the Phoenix forecast being in the mid-80's next week why not enjoy Thanksgiving day in your backyard?  With our great fall weather we are fortunate to have the option of spreading our Thanksgiving festivities inside and outside. Outdoor Kitchens are a great alternative for cooking your turkey! With countless testimonials and recipes on the internet claiming that [...]

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Outdoor Living Space Created With New Backyard Design in Eastmark

Outdoor Living with Backyard Design We recently completed a new backyard design in the Eastmark community.  With the water feature as the focal point and adding a pergola and paver patio an outdoor living room is created!!  Our clients have truly added more living space to their home!    Water Feature in Backyard Design Focal points add [...]

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How Edging Can Transform Your Landscape Into a Work of Art

Since the dawn of property ownership, people have been defining their property boundaries and garden spaces with wood and stone. Millions of years later, not much has changed, but thanks to the internet, you don’t have to spend hours brainstorming ideas that can make your borders the envy of the neighborhood. Edging is nothing more [...]

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Clever Ways to Beat the Arizona Heat with a Shady Retreat

Summer is coming. As the days get longer and the temperature rises, one thing becomes increasingly precious in our back yards: Shade. We want to enjoy our back yard retreats in the warmer seasons, and shady spots help us sustain our outdoor enjoyment. Of course you could opt for a tried-and-true patio umbrella, but there [...]

An Arizona Outdoor Living Space to Enjoy this Season

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy the beautiful Arizona fall season outdoors? Creating an outdoor living space in your backyard will allow you to do just that! Endless opportunities await you and your new outdoor living space, such as outdoor kitchens and BBQ’s, fireplaces and fire pits, wood fire ovens, pizza ovens, nicely paved patios, creative [...]

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Arizona Outdoor Kitchens Are Great Addition To Backyard Fun!

Gilbert Landscape Outdoor Kitchen by Dream Retreats Investing in an outdoor kitchen will add utility, value and enjoyment to your Arizona backyard landscape design!  When planning for your new backyard kitchen there are some factors to keep in mind. LOCATION - The ideal location usually means a place that avoids main traffic flow [...]