Outdoor Putting Greens = Outdoor Entertainment

Visualize countless hours of fun spent with family and friends.  You can create a backyard dream retreat that everyone will enjoy!  Backyard putting greens aren't just for practice.  You can actually play golf!  Chipping and putting contest and mini games can create endless entertainment for you, your family and your friends.  What a better way [...]

Outdoor Putting Greens Add To Arizona Landscape Design

Arizona homeowners spend a lot of time and money with their Arizona landscape design.  A backyard putting green is a beautiful addition to your home.  It's manicure and flowing design can be incorporated into your existing or planned landscape design.  These days the quality of artificial turf is amazing!  The feel, look and performance of artificial turf  [...]

Outdoor Putting Greens In Arizona Backyards

Outdoor putting greens are like having your own private country club in your backyard! There are many benefits from a backyard golf green. Weather-resistant - Backyard putting greens can withstand rain and wind as well as hot and cold temperatures. Low-maintenance - An outdoor putting green only needs a few hours of maintenance per year. [...]

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Artificial Turf Advantages

Artificial turf is a great option for Arizona landscapes.  At Dream Retreats Landscape we are seeing increased numbers of clients being interested in putting artificial turf in their landscaping.  Both quality and the variety offered has increased rapidly over the past few years. Listed are just a few of the advantages of artificial turf: The [...]

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