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Poolside Plants For Arizona Landscape Design

Arizona landscape design

Chandler backyard landscape design

With Arizona’s  year round warmer climate, outdoor living is just part of daily life.   Arizona backyard landscapes are often an extension of the home.   Pools are common place in Arizona landscape designs.  Having knowledge on the best plants to choose for your poolside landscape is important for longevity and beauty of any AZ backyard design.



1.  Arizona’s intense summer heat requires choosing plants that can withstand the sunlight and heat.

2.  Plants that require minimal water is also a benefit for poolside landscaping.  Too much water in the soil near your pool deck and equipment can risk damaging them.

3.  Choose plants that drop minimal debris.  You want your backyard & pool to always look great with minimal maintenance!

4.  Picking plants that will offer year round color will just add to the visual beauty of your backyard.

Arizona Landscape Design

Arizona Landscape Design

At Dream Retreats, we have the expertise to create landscape designs that will work best with the Arizona climate.  Choosing  the best plants for your poolside landscape can add the perfect finishing touches to create your own Dream Retreat!

Arizona Landscape Design

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Arizona Landscape Design With A Budget

Scottsdale Backyard Landscape Renovation

Scottsdale Backyard Landscape Renovation

Many homeowners desire that WOW factor for their front and backyard landscape design.  The big question that most homeowners face however is, can they still have that WOW factor while staing in their budget?  Dream Retreats says yes!  One of the first questions to ask is what do you want to achieve with your outdoor living space?  What is the vision that you have?

Arizona Landscape Design

Arizona Landscape Design

Once you have a vision, call Dream Retreats and we can help you make your vision a reality.  Dream Retreats Landscaping can help create a beautiful design for your outdoor living as well as complete the job in a timely fashion while also adding value to your home.  Not only can Dream Retreats help you find the best bang for your buck but they can also give you a custom landscape design that will make your neighbors talk, in a good way!

Design and Build Arizona Landscape Advantages

Arizona Landscape & Design by Dream Retreats

Arizona Landscape & Design by Dream Retreats

Design and build landscape ultimately means that the same company handles both the design and the building process of your Arizona landscape.  Design and build landscaping companies eliminate the third party, making the process hassle-free as well as more personal.  These type of landscape companies take pride in their work and making their customers satisfied with the outcome.

On top of this process being convenient and cost-effective, it also has other advantages.  The communication is much better since you are dealing with only one company.  The ideas that you have for your Arizona Landscape Design won’t be neglected, which also means that you will have more involvement in the process.  As well as having more involvement in the process, your project can also be completed faster since you will be working with a company solo instead of having a contractor as well.  This makes the landscaping process more efficient because you now have only once source to hold accountable.  Design and build landscape companies are aware of that which ensures better overall quality of the completed project.

Arizona Landscape & Design by Dream Retreats

Arizona Landscape & Design by Dream Retreats

  • Take a vacation in your own backyard!
  • This patio firepit not only provides family but serves as a beautiful centerpiece in this Arizona landscape design.
  • Good landscape designs are anchored by focal points.  One trend is to use water features.
  • Backyard BBQ's bolster a backyard's entertainment value.
  • Great way to hide pool equipment with a visually appealing wall.
  • Artificial turf on this sideyard creates a great dog run!
  • Our clients BBQ before we built a custom backyard BBQ in this spot.
  • Future spot of a patio firepit and seat wall for our clients to spend countless hours with family & friends.

Az Backyard Transformation in this Phoenix Landscape Design

We recently completed a Phoenix landscape design which transformed our clients backyard into a spectacular place to spend time with family and friends.  The design created an outdoor space which our clients can enjoy day & night.  Our clients can truly skip the resort and enjoy their own beautiful Arizona backyard design!  They now can have a “Staycation” in their own backyard!!

Choosing the Perfect Design for Your Arizona Backyard Landscapes

Good landscape design will enhance your home, reduce your work, and provide what you need and want in your outdoor living spaces.  Good designs should look good all year.  A well-designed landscape should provide a retreat where homeowners can rest, relax, entertain and enjoy the outdoors!  Whether you need a new landscape or it’s time for a redo, starting with a good landscape design will reduce frustration and increase your satisfaction with the end results.

Scottsdale Landscape Design

Scottsdale Landscape Design

Here are just a few helpful landscape tips:

Hardscapingwalkways, patios and  pool decks — should be roughly a third of the overall space.  Hardscaping can be attractive, servicable and it doesn’t require water or mowing.

Turfnatural turf or artificial turf — also can be about a third of the landscape space.  Natural turf is the most water, labor and pesticide consuming plant in the landscape, so keep just enough for visual balance and  play area.  Artificial turf or putting greens are becoming more popular in Arizona landscape designs because gives the look of natural grass without the maintenance and cost of water & pesticides.

Maintenance — Reduce maintenance on turf areas — Don’t plant shrubs, perennials and other lone plants in the turf and avoid turf on extreme slopes, narrow or awkward areas where the mower won’t fit or that will require a lot of edging.

Edging — Good edging will reinforce your design line and help keep grass in the lawn and out of other areas.  Pavers, brick and concrete are some of the more common materials used as a border.  If planting beds contain creeping ground cover and shrubs, it’s a good idea to separate the two with edging.

Plant Selection — Select plants that won’t take over beds.  Everybody know to choose plants that are native or adapted, but are you aware that some well-adapted plants may be spreaders?

Arizona backyard landscapes

Gilbert landscaping

Irrigation — A well planned and designed irrigation system is vital in your Arizona landscape design!  In Arizona we can’t depend on the rain to keep our plants alive.  It’s important to audit your existing system regularly along with changing your watering cycles with each season.  Often once an irrigation problem is identifed they are usually easy to fix.

If your thinking about starting your new landscape or wanting to renovate your older landscape, calling a reputable landscape designer and contractor could save you time, money and a lot of frustration in the long run.  At Dream Retreats we’ve been designing and installing residential landscapes in the Phoenix and surrounding areas for over 20 years.  We offer FREE in-home consulations.  Give us a call or contact us through our website!

Is Your Arizona Landscape Design Ready For A Green Spring?

If your unsure on how to successfully transition your Arizona landscape design from winter to spring and eventually the hot summer your not alone!  Now is the time to prepare your yard for the change to warmer seasons.  When the nighttime temperatures are 60 – 70 degrees that’s the signal to get started in your preparations.


  • Scottsdale Landscape Design

    Scottsdale Landscape Design

    The height of winter turf should be reduced by 1/2 inch every week for the next few weeks to help kill off winter rye and encourage the development of summer Bermuda grass.

  • Growth of Bermuda improves when sunlight is allowed to get through the grass canopy.
  • Once the winter rye is choked out, spread a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to boost the Bermuda root system.


  • In the spring, water for just a few minutes in the early morning 3 to 4 days a week.
  • Many homeowners water their turf more than what is needed.  Too much water can result in rotting roots and pest invasions.


  • Prep your soil to make it safe and disease-free prior to planting.
  • Preparations can include soil amendment, vitamin B and other nutrients and/or treatment with fungicides.
Scottsdale Landscape Design

Scottsdale Landscape Design

With some effort now and over the next couple of months, a lush green lawn can be yours by the time summer comes around!

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