Poolside Plants For Arizona Landscape Design

Chandler backyard landscape design With Arizona's  year round warmer climate, outdoor living is just part of daily life.   Arizona backyard landscapes are often an extension of the home.   Pools are common place in Arizona landscape designs.  Having knowledge on the best plants to choose for your poolside landscape is important for longevity [...]

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Arizona Landscape Design With A Budget

Scottsdale Backyard Landscape Renovation Many homeowners desire that WOW factor for their front and backyard landscape design.  The big question that most homeowners face however is, can they still have that WOW factor while staing in their budget?  Dream Retreats says yes!  One of the first questions to ask is what do you [...]

Design and Build Arizona Landscape Advantages

Arizona Landscape & Design by Dream Retreats Design and build landscape ultimately means that the same company handles both the design and the building process of your Arizona landscape.  Design and build landscaping companies eliminate the third party, making the process hassle-free as well as more personal.  These type of landscape companies take [...]

Az Backyard Transformation in this Phoenix Landscape Design

We recently completed a Phoenix landscape design which transformed our clients backyard into a spectacular place to spend time with family and friends.  The design created an outdoor space which our clients can enjoy day & night.  Our clients can truly skip the resort and enjoy their own beautiful Arizona backyard design!  They now can have [...]

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Choosing the Perfect Design for Your Arizona Backyard Landscapes

Good landscape design will enhance your home, reduce your work, and provide what you need and want in your outdoor living spaces.  Good designs should look good all year.  A well-designed landscape should provide a retreat where homeowners can rest, relax, entertain and enjoy the outdoors!  Whether you need a new landscape or it's time [...]

Is Your Arizona Landscape Design Ready For A Green Spring?

If your unsure on how to successfully transition your Arizona landscape design from winter to spring and eventually the hot summer your not alone!  Now is the time to prepare your yard for the change to warmer seasons.  When the nighttime temperatures are 60 - 70 degrees that's the signal to get started in your [...]