Arizona Outdoor Kitchens Are Great Addition To Backyard Fun!

Gilbert Landscape Outdoor Kitchen by Dream Retreats Investing in an outdoor kitchen will add utility, value and enjoyment to your Arizona backyard landscape design!  When planning for your new backyard kitchen there are some factors to keep in mind. LOCATION - The ideal location usually means a place that avoids main traffic flow [...]

Choosing An Outdoor BBQ For Your Phoenix Landscape Design

Custom Backyard BBQ by Dream Retreats A built-in BBQ is the centerpiece  for Arizona outdoor kitchens.  It's a key factor in outdoor entertainment.  Whether you plan to use your grill for nightly dinners or entertain for a group of 30 outdoors, choosing the right backyard BBQ for your needs in important. 1)  Deciding [...]

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Arizona Backyard BBQ Warm Weather Warning!

Beautiful Outdoor Kitchens in Arizona The 4th of July often means outdoor cooking!  Entertaining in Arizona backyard landscapes is a popular choice for many people during the summer months.   Along with scorching temperatures come an increase in food-borne illnesses. There are a few safety precautions to keep in mind before entertaining in your [...]

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Perfect Steaks Using Your Arizona Outdoor Kitchen

Grilling the perfect steak is easy!  1.  Let the steak reach room temperature. 2.  Trim the steak of excess fat. Strips of fat should only be 1/4 inch thick. 3.  Season to your liking. Some fresh cracked pepper, garlic powder, whatever you like. 4.  Preheat gas grill on high. 5.  Oil the meat. Oil on [...]

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Arizona Outdoor Kitchens

Arizona backyard kitchens continue to be a mainstay in landscape designs throughout the Phoenix area. Once only found in the most upscale backyards in Arizona, backyard kitchens are now considered an esstential element for anyone wanting to create a year round outdoor living space. Futhermore, a custom built backyard kitchen will not only add beauty [...]

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