Fun Ideas for a Kid Friendly Arizona Landscape Design

These days it seems like video games are more popular to kids than back in the day when kids used to be outside until the sun went down.  Get your kids (and maybe even yourself) more excited about being active outside with three new backyard landscape design ideas:

Arizona Backyard Sport Court

Phoenix Landscape Design Sport Court

1.  SPORTS COURT – A sport court is a great way to get your kids interested in sports.  With a sport court you can play multip.e sports including basketball, tennis and volleyball.  If you already are involved in a sport, the court is a great way to get extra practice and get ahead of the competition.  The unique feature of having a sport court in your own backyard is that you have the options of building a court almost any size to fit your families lifestyle.

Scottsdale Landscape Design

Scottsdale Landscape Splash Pad

2.  SPLASH PAD – A splash pad is also known as a splash park, but kids call it just one thing – FUN!  Especially in the Arizona desert, a splash pad is a fun way to still enjoy being outside.  Another great feature about the splash pad is the zero depth of water, meaning there is no risk of drowning.

3.  BUILT-IN TRAMPOLINE – Not only does a built-in trampoline give kids a fun opportunity to get outside and be active, it gives the whole family one.  Playing fun games like one of the most memorable, “Crack the Egg,” will guarantee smiles all around.  The benefit to having a built-in trampoline compared to one above ground is the safety.  Nobody has to worry about someone flying off the trampoline to the ground below.

Arizona Backyard Landscape Sport Court

Gilbert Landscape Sport Court


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