Outdoor Living Space Created With New Backyard Design in Eastmark

Dream Retreats-Eastmark-Backyard Design

Outdoor Living with Backyard Design

We recently completed a new backyard design in the Eastmark community.  With the water feature as the focal point and adding a pergola and paver patio an outdoor living room is created!!  Our clients have truly added more living space to their home! 


Water Feature in Backyard Design

Focal points add interest and beauty in landscape designs.  Our clients decided to use a water wall as their focal point. Not only will their water feature add hours of relaxing by the sounds of water but it can be used all year in Arizona!Dream Retreats-Eastmark-Water Feature

Pergola and Paver Patio Create Outdoor Living Room

In addition to the water feature, a pergola and paver patio creates the outdoor living room design.  Pavers are used to create the seating area space. Dream Retreats-Eastmark-Backyard Design With the pergola finishing the outdoor living space by creating a living room “feel.”  The pergola has two main benefits to this landscape design.  First it adds protection from the Arizona sun and weather so our clients can enjoy the maximum amount of time outdoors.  Secondly, it adds beauty to the visual design along with creating the ceiling to the outdoor living room.

Maintenance Free Backyard 

Dream Retreats-Eastmark-backyard design

Artificial turf and paver steppers complete this backyard design and best yet make it maintenance free!!

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