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Landscape Pavers: Great Hardscape for Pool Decks & Patios

Are you tired of looking at your ugly gray concrete patio? Or how about your cracking and peeling pool deck coating?  Are you worried about the cost and mess involved in removing all that concrete in order to update your pool deck or landscape?  Well I have a great solution for you to beautify your front or backyard landscape or redo your pool deck without having to go through all the cost and hassle.  The latest products in the market are the new thin overlay paverslandscape pavers.  These pool deck landscape thin overlay pavers can be placed right over the top of your concrete patio or pool deck.  They can also be used to extend any patio or pool deck!

The best choices for pool decks are the new white cement thin overlay pavers from Arizona Block or the travertine pavers.  Both are cool on your feet, look great, and have coping pieces that finish around the pool without having to remove the pool deck or damage the tile or pool interior.

If you’re considering extending your current patio to create a larger outdoor living space, thin overlay landscape pavers are a great. The paver can be placed on the existing concrete and then extended out into the yard on a prepared crushed granite sub-base. This is a great way to beautify your current patio as well as achieve the appearance of a larger overall space since it’s all one type of material.

In either case, using thin overlay landscape pavers is a great way to improve your landscape patio, or pool deck without the hassle of removing the existing concrete.  Check out these jobs we did in Scottsdale and Chandler.

Thin Overlay Pavers for a patio & patio extension

Thin Overlay Pavers for a patio & patio extension

Thin Overlay Pavers used for a pool deck

Thin Overlay Pavers used for a pool deck

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