Using Outdoor Kitchens Are A Great Way To Enjoy The Beautiful Thanksgiving Weather

With the Phoenix forecast being in the mid-80’s next week why not enjoy Thanksgiving day in your backyard?  With our great fall weather we are fortunate to have the option of spreading our Thanksgiving festivities inside and outside. Outdoor Kitchens are a great alternative for cooking your turkey! With countless testimonials and recipes on the internet claiming that grilled turkeys are more tender and juicy why not give it a try? In addition your oven will be free for cooking side dishes.  No more worrying about having enough oven space to get the entire meal cooked and served warm enough for your guests. Also grilling your turkey doesn’t prevent you from being able to make homemade gravy.  Place a metal pan under the turkey inside the roasting pan to collect the drippings. Enjoy your family and guests while grilling outside in the beautiful Phoenix fall weather! 

GIlbert Landscape Design Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens in Arizona

Outdoor kitchens are a great alternative to cook a Thanksgiving turkey while enjoying your backyard.  An outdoor kitchen is a required element for the majority of our clients and continues to be a central focal point in a backyard landscape design. Creating a landscape design customized to your lifestyle adds additional living space to enjoy.   Also the value of your home increases with a usable and visually aesthetic backyard design.    Enjoy Thanksgiving this year by lighting up your grill and enjoy spending time with family and friends!Awesome Phoenix Outdoor Kitchens

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