Poolside Plants For Arizona Landscape Design

Arizona landscape design

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With Arizona’s  year round warmer climate, outdoor living is just part of daily life.   Arizona backyard landscapes are often an extension of the home.   Pools are common place in Arizona landscape designs.  Having knowledge on the best plants to choose for your poolside landscape is important for longevity and beauty of any AZ backyard design.



1.  Arizona’s intense summer heat requires choosing plants that can withstand the sunlight and heat.

2.  Plants that require minimal water is also a benefit for poolside landscaping.  Too much water in the soil near your pool deck and equipment can risk damaging them.

3.  Choose plants that drop minimal debris.  You want your backyard & pool to always look great with minimal maintenance!

4.  Picking plants that will offer year round color will just add to the visual beauty of your backyard.

Arizona Landscape Design

Arizona Landscape Design

At Dream Retreats, we have the expertise to create landscape designs that will work best with the Arizona climate.  Choosing  the best plants for your poolside landscape can add the perfect finishing touches to create your own Dream Retreat!

Arizona Landscape Design

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