Landscape Architects Distinguishes Professionals

In today’s belt-tightening economy, homeowners want the best bang for their buck and a certified landscape architect can bring that to the table.  Hiring a certified professional landscape architect offers home owners peace-of-mind knowing they are investing in their home with the help of a certified leader in the landscape design field. Certified landscape architects [...]

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Buyer Beware! Is Your Arizona Landscape Contractor An ICPI Certified Paver Installer?

With the current recession that plagues us; there is growing concern of the number of unqualified landscapers that are working within the landscape contracting industry.  Concern of unqualified landscape contractors is growing within many Homeowner Association Communities who are trying to uphold standards regarding landscapes within their communities to aid in maintaining home values in [...]

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Landscape Pavers: Great Hardscape for Pool Decks & Patios

Are you tired of looking at your ugly gray concrete patio? Or how about your cracking and peeling pool deck coating?  Are you worried about the cost and mess involved in removing all that concrete in order to update your pool deck or landscape?  Well I have a great solution for you to beautify your front or [...]