3 Benefits to a Patio Fire Pit in Your Gilbert Landscape

Gilbert Landscaping Patio Fire Pit 1) 1) 1)Entertainment Fire pits are a great way to extend your party outside.  There is no better way to gather a group of friends or family like roasting marshmallows, swapping stories or gazing at the stars while sitting around one of nature's most captivating elements. 2) Heat [...]

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Houzz…Great Way To Find Professional Phoenix Landscape Contractors

Dream Retreats is  now on HOUZZ!   We're a local pro in the Phoenix area specializing in Arizona residential landscape design and contracting.  If your in the market for any type of indoor or outdoor house design ideas or local contractors specializing in what you specifically want to get done,  HOUZZ is the website to checkout!  [...]

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Three Unique Ideas for Phoenix Landscape Designs

Close your eyes and imagine your dream backyard, what does it look like?  Is it a quaint space that you can read a book and sip your coffee in the mornings?  Or maybe it would be a place for your kids to run and play.  With your vision and the expertise of a build and [...]

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Choosing the Perfect Design for Your Arizona Backyard Landscapes

Good landscape design will enhance your home, reduce your work, and provide what you need and want in your outdoor living spaces.  Good designs should look good all year.  A well-designed landscape should provide a retreat where homeowners can rest, relax, entertain and enjoy the outdoors!  Whether you need a new landscape or it's time [...]

Importance of a Good Design in Your Arizona Landscaping

Landscape design is an important part in creating a yard with good flow and functionality.  Planting random plants and trees around your yard is a good way to cause a landscape mess.  Different plants have different water and sunlight requirements and they grow to different sizes.  If you plant several plants close together without any [...]

Dream Retreats Landscape & Design at the Maricopa County Home & Garden Show

Dream Retreats Landscape & Design will be at the January 2013 Maricopa County Home & Garden Show!  Beginning January 11 - 13, 2013 the Arizona State Fairgrounds will be transformed into the largest Maricopa County Home, Garden & Landscape show of the year!  Keep your New Year's Resolutions to complete or update your outdoor living spaces and [...]

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