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3 Benefits to a Patio Fire Pit in Your Gilbert Landscape

Arizona Landscape Design Fire Pit

Gilbert Landscaping Patio Fire Pit

1) 1) 1)Entertainment

Fire pits are a great way to extend your party outside.  There is no better way to gather a group of friends or family like roasting marshmallows, swapping stories or gazing at the stars while sitting around one of nature’s most captivating elements.

2) Heat for Those Chilly Nights

After Arizona’s long scorching summers it could be hard to remember that when summer ends the Arizona desert actually does get pretty chilly at night.  Be able to have the option of staying outside longer on those fall, winter and spring nights by staying warm next to your fire pit.

3) Add Value to Your Home

Fire pits add a very unique addition to your home that can add value if you ever decide to sell.  Fire pits are very appealing features that can make your house stand out from the next.


Fun Ideas for a Kid Friendly Arizona Landscape Design

These days it seems like video games are more popular to kids than back in the day when kids used to be outside until the sun went down.  Get your kids (and maybe even yourself) more excited about being active outside with three new backyard landscape design ideas:

Arizona Backyard Sport Court

Phoenix Landscape Design Sport Court

1.  SPORTS COURT – A sport court is a great way to get your kids interested in sports.  With a sport court you can play multip.e sports including basketball, tennis and volleyball.  If you already are involved in a sport, the court is a great way to get extra practice and get ahead of the competition.  The unique feature of having a sport court in your own backyard is that you have the options of building a court almost any size to fit your families lifestyle.

Scottsdale Landscape Design

Scottsdale Landscape Splash Pad

2.  SPLASH PAD – A splash pad is also known as a splash park, but kids call it just one thing – FUN!  Especially in the Arizona desert, a splash pad is a fun way to still enjoy being outside.  Another great feature about the splash pad is the zero depth of water, meaning there is no risk of drowning.

3.  BUILT-IN TRAMPOLINE – Not only does a built-in trampoline give kids a fun opportunity to get outside and be active, it gives the whole family one.  Playing fun games like one of the most memorable, “Crack the Egg,” will guarantee smiles all around.  The benefit to having a built-in trampoline compared to one above ground is the safety.  Nobody has to worry about someone flying off the trampoline to the ground below.

Arizona Backyard Landscape Sport Court

Gilbert Landscape Sport Court


Houzz…Great Way To Find Professional Phoenix Landscape Contractors

Dream Retreats LandscapeDream Retreats is  now on HOUZZ!   We’re a local pro in the Phoenix area specializing in Arizona residential landscape design and contracting.  If your in the market for any type of indoor or outdoor house design ideas or local contractors specializing in what you specifically want to get done,  HOUZZ is the website to checkout!  Within a couple of minutes you can checkout local professional contractors who specialize in what your wanting to get done at your house!

Dream Retreats - Scottsdale Landscape Design

Three Unique Ideas for Phoenix Landscape Designs

Close your eyes and imagine your dream backyard, what does it look like?  Is it a quaint space that you can read a book and sip your coffee in the mornings?  Or maybe it would be a place for your kids to run and play.  With your vision and the expertise of a build and design landscape company, your dreams are in reach!  Here are a few ideas for your Phoenix Landscape Design:

#1 Water Features

Dream Retreats - Scottsdale Landscape Design

Dream Retreats – Scottsdale Landscape Design

Having fountains or waterfalls in a backyard makes for a more soothing vibe for your outdoor living area.  Who doesn’t love that?

#2 Fire Pit

outdoor fire pit

Dream Retreats – Phoenix Landscape Design

Can’t make it up north this weekend for that camping trip?  No problem, we can bring the camping trip to you!  Whether you want to open up the marshmellows for s’mores, or swap ghost stories or just sit back and enjoy.  It’s like your own little Arizona staycation.

#3 Meditation Gardens

Dream Retreats - Gilbert Landscape Design

Dream Retreats – Gilbert Landscape Design

To give your western home more of an eastern influence, a meditation garden is a private, quiet space for you to forget about the stress of life.  The goal of a mediation garden is to make the space a relaxing area to escape to, even if it’s only for a little while.

Choosing the Perfect Design for Your Arizona Backyard Landscapes

Good landscape design will enhance your home, reduce your work, and provide what you need and want in your outdoor living spaces.  Good designs should look good all year.  A well-designed landscape should provide a retreat where homeowners can rest, relax, entertain and enjoy the outdoors!  Whether you need a new landscape or it’s time for a redo, starting with a good landscape design will reduce frustration and increase your satisfaction with the end results.

Scottsdale Landscape Design

Scottsdale Landscape Design

Here are just a few helpful landscape tips:

Hardscapingwalkways, patios and  pool decks — should be roughly a third of the overall space.  Hardscaping can be attractive, servicable and it doesn’t require water or mowing.

Turfnatural turf or artificial turf — also can be about a third of the landscape space.  Natural turf is the most water, labor and pesticide consuming plant in the landscape, so keep just enough for visual balance and  play area.  Artificial turf or putting greens are becoming more popular in Arizona landscape designs because gives the look of natural grass without the maintenance and cost of water & pesticides.

Maintenance — Reduce maintenance on turf areas — Don’t plant shrubs, perennials and other lone plants in the turf and avoid turf on extreme slopes, narrow or awkward areas where the mower won’t fit or that will require a lot of edging.

Edging — Good edging will reinforce your design line and help keep grass in the lawn and out of other areas.  Pavers, brick and concrete are some of the more common materials used as a border.  If planting beds contain creeping ground cover and shrubs, it’s a good idea to separate the two with edging.

Plant Selection — Select plants that won’t take over beds.  Everybody know to choose plants that are native or adapted, but are you aware that some well-adapted plants may be spreaders?

Arizona backyard landscapes

Gilbert landscaping

Irrigation — A well planned and designed irrigation system is vital in your Arizona landscape design!  In Arizona we can’t depend on the rain to keep our plants alive.  It’s important to audit your existing system regularly along with changing your watering cycles with each season.  Often once an irrigation problem is identifed they are usually easy to fix.

If your thinking about starting your new landscape or wanting to renovate your older landscape, calling a reputable landscape designer and contractor could save you time, money and a lot of frustration in the long run.  At Dream Retreats we’ve been designing and installing residential landscapes in the Phoenix and surrounding areas for over 20 years.  We offer FREE in-home consulations.  Give us a call or contact us through our website!

Importance of a Good Design in Your Arizona Landscaping

Landscape design is an important part in creating a yard with good flow and functionality.  Planting random plants and trees around your yard is a good way to cause a landscape mess.  Different plants have different water and sunlight requirements and they grow to different sizes.  If you plant several plants close together without any idea they each get very big in size, you’re going to have some issues.

Chandler Landscape Putting Green

Chandler Landscape Putting Green

A yard becomes more valuable if it’s not only beautiful, but functional as well.  Whether you incorporate a patio seating area with a fire or water feature, a recreational area or an outdoor kitchen, a functioning yard allows you to enjoy it more often.  Figure out what you would like to do in your yard in order to create the perfect dream retreat!

A larger yard can be easier to deal with then you break it up into sections.  Create a dining space, lounging area, outdoor BBQ, garden and lawn by adding borders or even a patio.  Another idea is adding flower pots around a designated area to give a sense of being in a different “room.”  You could even place different sized pots throughout your landscape.  The different heights of pots and flower colors will liven up the space.  Keep like colors together for great visual flow but get creative with patterns.

The perfect landscape starts with research and ideas.  Landscape design is more than buying what you like, it is about incorporating what you like into a cohesive and functional space.  A good landscape designer or architect can assist you in creating a beautiful yet functional landscape design that will do well in the hot Arizona climate.  They will understand the growing conditions and select plants which thrive in the Arizona weather.

Dream Retreats Landscape & Design at the Maricopa County Home & Garden Show

Dream Retreats Landscape & Design will be at the January 2013 Maricopa County Home & Garden Show!  Beginning January 11 – 13, 2013 the Arizona State Fairgrounds will be transformed into the largest Maricopa County Home, Garden & Landscape show of the year!  Keep your New Year’s Resolutions to complete or update your outdoor living spaces and landscape.  It’s a perfect opportunity to get ideas, helpful tips and advice for all of your landscape needs.

Come visit us at Booth #464 in the Wesley Bolin Bldg where you will have an opportunity to get ideas and talk with our certified landscape architect about your specific needs.  We’ll have our portfolio of project pictures available for viewing.  We have been designing and installing landscape projects in the valley for over 20 years.  We offer FREE on-site consultations.  Hope to see you at the show!

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