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How Edging Can Transform Your Landscape Into a Work of Art

Since the dawn of property ownership, people have been defining their property boundaries and garden spaces with wood and stone. Millions of years later, not much has changed, but thanks to the internet, you don’t have to spend hours brainstorming ideas that can make your borders the envy of the neighborhood.

Edging is nothing more or less than simply creating a separation between two areas. There are several ways of doing this, but more importantly there are plenty of reasons why edging can improve the look and utility of your landscape design.

One of the more popular and affordable methods of edging derives from upcycling materials. Large stones removed from gardens during the tilling process, chunks of broken concrete, tiles and wood are all commonly found items that may be utilized for your edging project.

A series of flat stones or broken concrete can form a perfect delineation for shrubs and flowers around the home. Some landscape fabric followed by the careful arrangement of stone serves several functions. Besides the aesthetically pleasing contrast between the lawn and an area that contains mulch, a well-formed border can help to retain water and prevent run-off.

For an even tighter division, concrete may be the answer. The downside of pouring concrete is the permanence of the curbing. We suggest using concrete only if the design has been well thought out and the homeowner is not planning for quick future renovation.
The lasting effect of concrete may be a positive feature, however. Concrete can be molded into various shapes and patterns and can be painted or stained to coordinate to the home or nearby landscaping features.

Another stony form of edging involves using bricks to form an area around gardens or walkways. Bricks tend to be the same shape and size, so if uniformity is the goal, then this may be the perfect medium for you. Another benefit of brick, like concrete, is that it can often be stained or painted as an option to change the color or feel of an area.

Some projects may be best suited for metal, especially if you have access to long metal sheets or curving foot wide steel that can support the weight of soil or mulch. Corrugated steel comes in a variety of cuts and combined with a wooden frame can make a great looking edge for shrubs and small trees.

A popular option among landscapers is gabion garden wall edging. This material forms a small metal fence that can be filled with moderately sized stones or pieces of brick to form a retaining wall. The material is surprisingly sturdy and perfect for a landscape that has access to plenty of rocks or stone pieces that you would rather appropriate than dump.

If a natural look comes to mind, wood may be the right edging material for you. Railroad sleeps, flat wooden posts, rounded post edges and even cut and stained stumps or log pieces can form a beautiful edge for almost any type of plants or even a Japanese-style garden or small pond.

Whatever your budget or preferred material, consider edging to spice up a boring landscape and make use of some leftover resources.

Outdoor Putting Greens Add To Arizona Landscape Design

Arizona Landscape Design Artificial Grass Putting GreenArizona homeowners spend a lot of time and money with their Arizona landscape design.  A backyard putting green is a beautiful addition to your home.  It’s manicure and flowing design can be incorporated into your existing or planned landscape design.  These days the quality of artificial turf is amazing!  The feel, look and performance of artificial turf  is often hard to distinguish from real grass.  Not only wil an outdoor putting green add to the value to your home but it will always look great while being maintenance free!  One major benefit of  having a personal putting green is you may take a few stokes off your game!

Backyard Oasis Created by Gilbert Landscape Design

We’ve transformed another Arizona backyard landscape!  Our recent project created a useful and appealling Gilbert Landscape Design.  The client’s backyard began as a blank canvas, all dirt along with a satillo tile patio which the client wanted to keep!  After an initial design consultation we were able to suggest many Arizona backyard ideas that would work with what our client was hoping to achieve along with being harmonious  in our Arizona climate.

Gilbert Landscape Design Backyard FirepitFire, hardscape, recreation and relaxation are all elements incorporated in this Gilbert backyard remodel job. Landscape pavers created eye-catching patios, walkings and seating areas.  We were able to tie together the original satillo tile patio with all the new paver hardscapes.

Golf is a popular hobby for many Arizonians.  So an artificial turf backyard putting green was the perfect choice for these homeowners!    Not only will it provide endless hours of recreation but it’s also eco-friendly requiring virtually no maintenance!

Gilbert Landscape Design Backyard Putting GreenAfter practicing on their golf game they can entertain friends around their stunning patio firepit!  The firepit was incorporated with the new landscape pavers which created a beautiful seating area to relax and unwind with family and friends.Gilbert Landscape Design Backyard Firepit

Arizona Backyard Design Landscape Paver WalkwaysWhen quiet solitude is what the homeowner is wanting,  the sideyard was created into a quiet sanctuary right off from the master bedroom doors.

With our creative designs and customized construction, taking a vacation in your own backyard becomes a reality!  Call or email Dream Retreats for a FREE consultation.

Stack Block Systems

With the temps starting to warm up in the Phoenix area, homeowners are starting to think about getting started on their various outdoor landscape projects. If any type of masonry construction is on your list, serious consideration should be given to using the different styles of manufactured block wall systems. Whether you may be thinking about retaining walls, planters or even a firepit or bbq the new product lines and continually improved block wall systems are a great alternative to traditional block and stucco masonry construction.

In short, “ stack blocks” are solid colored concrete blocks that have a colored and textured finish that give them the classic look of real cut stone. Traditionally, the most popular use for these “stack block systems” has been in constructing retention or planter walls. The weight of the block, as well as the different types of “interlocking systems”, help hold these blocks in place without the concrete footers and mortar joints of traditional masonry construction. Also, since they have a textured and colored finish there’s no need to stucco and paint, saving money and maintenance hassles for years to come.

As mentioned earlier the really exciting improvement with these blocks now makes it possible to use them in all aspects of landscape and outdoor living construction. Barbeques, fire pits or fireplaces and seat walls for a outdoor living spaces are just a few.

Stacked Block Tiered Planters

Check out these recent projects completed in Scottsdale and Gilbert areas.

In the first picture, the stack block system is being used partly for retention and also to create beautiful tiered planters in the backyard.

Stacked Block Pillars and Seat Wall

In the second picture, the stack block is used as a decorative pillars around the ramada post base and as a seatwall and also to better define this nice outdoor sitting area under the ramada .

A couple of the leading manufacturers in the Phoenix area are Belgard and Allen Block. Both manufacturers have several different product lines with various colors and textures to choose from.

Happy landscaping!!