Is Your Arizona Landscape Design Ready For A Green Spring?

If your unsure on how to successfully transition your Arizona landscape design from winter to spring and eventually the hot summer your not alone!  Now is the time to prepare your yard for the change to warmer seasons.  When the nighttime temperatures are 60 – 70 degrees that’s the signal to get started in your preparations.


  • Scottsdale Landscape Design

    Scottsdale Landscape Design

    The height of winter turf should be reduced by 1/2 inch every week for the next few weeks to help kill off winter rye and encourage the development of summer Bermuda grass.

  • Growth of Bermuda improves when sunlight is allowed to get through the grass canopy.
  • Once the winter rye is choked out, spread a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to boost the Bermuda root system.


  • In the spring, water for just a few minutes in the early morning 3 to 4 days a week.
  • Many homeowners water their turf more than what is needed.  Too much water can result in rotting roots and pest invasions.


  • Prep your soil to make it safe and disease-free prior to planting.
  • Preparations can include soil amendment, vitamin B and other nutrients and/or treatment with fungicides.
Scottsdale Landscape Design

Scottsdale Landscape Design

With some effort now and over the next couple of months, a lush green lawn can be yours by the time summer comes around!

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